Numax modified inverters are simple, efficient and robust low-cost alternative to the more complex pure sign wave models, they can mimic the key voltage parameters, allowing the successful operation of pumps, motors and most general electrical equipment.

Numax offers a range of modified inverters ensure in both 12volt and 24volt versions rated from 300w up to 2500w.

Pure sine-wave inverters are used for powering more sensitive types of equipment which may not run correctly if a modified sine-wave inverter is used. The Numax pure sine-wave inverters ensure smooth operation of equipment such as TV screens, satelite contollers and sound systems. The pure sine-wave inverter eliminates interference on TV`s, radio, and HI-Fi noise and works all CD and DVD players.

Numax offers a range of pure sine-wave inverters in both 12v and 24v versions rated from 150w up to 1500w.

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